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  • Rolling Like a Ball

    10 Repetitions
    Rolling helps us to learn organization and control at a more dynamic pace. Rolling is excellent for the spine- especially tight lower backs and improves balance, symmetry and coordination.
    Rolling is a progression of Hundred and Roll-up and utilizes the same principles and conce...

  • Double Leg Stretch

    5-10 Repetitions
    *Upper Body is traditionally lifted up as in the Single leg Stretch if tolerated.
    In The Double Leg Stretch, the torso must be stronger in order to provide enough stability to reach both legs away form the center, and then pull them in with flexibility and control. This underst...

  • The Roll Up

    5-10 Repetitions
    The Roll Up challenges the abdominals and improves spinal articulation.
    After the Hundred, the Roll Up utilizes the extremities to support the movement of the spine. We are creating space for the spine to both work and rebalance each vertebrae individually which creates even te...