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Watch Double Leg Stretch

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Double Leg Stretch

Hub Video Package • 4m 10s

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  • The Roll Up

    5-10 Repetitions
    The Roll Up challenges the abdominals and improves spinal articulation.
    After the Hundred, the Roll Up utilizes the extremities to support the movement of the spine. We are creating space for the spine to both work and rebalance each vertebrae individually which creates even te...

  • The Hundred

    Here we integrate the Hundred exercise in the body from the mat to the full Hundred. The Hundred is a total body exercise- all muscles engaged simultaneously while exercising the deep breathing.
    The Hundred is our first introduction to finding Opposition in the body and learning to support the...

  • The One Leg Stretch

    5-8 Repetitions each leg, alternating
    The One Leg Stretch is a core stability exercise with dynamic hip movement and flexibility. It is a progression of the Hundred as a conceptual basis for building the strength to do the One Leg Stretch.

    Muscles Targeted: Abdominals, deep Paraspinals, Psoas...