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Hub Video Package

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Hub Video Package
  • Leg Pull

    The Leg Pull is an advanced exercise that challenges complex and coordinated movement from the core, with very little contact on the mat to support the body. This works to strengthen the shoulders, wrists, back, abdominals, Gluteals, and Hamstrings

    Essence: Lift the leg from the abdominals, ma...

  • Spine Twist

    Essence: Keep The Height of the Spine During the Twist- Length and Opposition...Don't Shrink! Turn from the Waist.

    Repetitons: 3-5 each Direction, alternating.

    Breath: Inhale to find Length and Stretch, Each Twist is and Exhale without and inhale in are Wringing out the Lungs!...

  • One Leg Circle

    Essence: Move the leg from the Core

    Repetitions: 5 Circles in same Direction, Then Reverse Direction for 5 Repetitions. Complete on Each leg.

    Breath: Inhale To Initiate Circle, Exhale to Finish the Circle

    Tips: make the circles smaller in order to work deeper from the core and the back ...

  • Shoulder Bridge

    5-8 Repetitions
    The Shoulder Bridge improves pelvic stability by targeting the posterior and anterior spinal stabilizers.
    This exercises deeply stretches the front of the hips while articulating the spine evenly in and out of gravity.
    eliminate the leg lift portion if your hips drop or twist d...

  • Side Leg Lift

    10 Repetitions
    The Side Leg Lift exercise works in the whole body for optimal strength, stability, balance, and control. This exercise is applicable to all populations and differing lifestyles as it improves standing, walking, and athletic abilities and reduces load and compression in compensate...

  • The Saw

    5 Repetitions
    In the Saw we are learning to rotate, flex, and extend the spine correctly and dynamically within a seated position. This is paired with incorporating the stability principles of the legs and hips which helps the trunk move accurately.

    Muscles Targeted: Spinal rotators & Spinal...

  • Single Leg Kick

    5 Repetitions Each Leg alternating
    *Sufficient practice in Hundred, Rolling, Roll up, Single and Double Leg Stretch, and Shoulder Bridge is important prior to executing this exercise
    The general concept of the Single Leg Kick is to maintain deep abdominal connection in conjunction with spinal e...

  • Corkscrew

    5 Repetitions each direction, alternating
    Progression of Double Leg Stretch. Increases core control and flexibility, and challenges the stability in new planes of movement.
    In Corkscrew, the legs are moving into the lateral (side) plane of the body as well as adding a small twist to the spine- ...

  • Rolling Like a Ball

    10 Repetitions
    Rolling helps us to learn organization and control at a more dynamic pace. Rolling is excellent for the spine- especially tight lower backs and improves balance, symmetry and coordination.
    Rolling is a progression of Hundred and Roll-up and utilizes the same principles and conce...

  • Double Leg Stretch

    5-10 Repetitions
    *Upper Body is traditionally lifted up as in the Single leg Stretch if tolerated.
    In The Double Leg Stretch, the torso must be stronger in order to provide enough stability to reach both legs away form the center, and then pull them in with flexibility and control. This underst...

  • The Roll Up

    5-10 Repetitions
    The Roll Up challenges the abdominals and improves spinal articulation.
    After the Hundred, the Roll Up utilizes the extremities to support the movement of the spine. We are creating space for the spine to both work and rebalance each vertebrae individually which creates even te...

  • The Hundred

    Here we integrate the Hundred exercise in the body from the mat to the full Hundred. The Hundred is a total body exercise- all muscles engaged simultaneously while exercising the deep breathing.
    The Hundred is our first introduction to finding Opposition in the body and learning to support the...

  • The One Leg Stretch

    5-8 Repetitions each leg, alternating
    The One Leg Stretch is a core stability exercise with dynamic hip movement and flexibility. It is a progression of the Hundred as a conceptual basis for building the strength to do the One Leg Stretch.

    Muscles Targeted: Abdominals, deep Paraspinals, Psoas...