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Watch Side Leg Lift

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Side Leg Lift

Hub Video Package • 4m 44s

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  • The Saw

    5 Repetitions
    In the Saw we are learning to rotate, flex, and extend the spine correctly and dynamically within a seated position. This is paired with incorporating the stability principles of the legs and hips which helps the trunk move accurately.

    Muscles Targeted: Spinal rotators & Spinal...

  • Single Leg Kick

    5 Repetitions Each Leg alternating
    *Sufficient practice in Hundred, Rolling, Roll up, Single and Double Leg Stretch, and Shoulder Bridge is important prior to executing this exercise
    The general concept of the Single Leg Kick is to maintain deep abdominal connection in conjunction with spinal e...

  • Corkscrew

    5 Repetitions each direction, alternating
    Progression of Double Leg Stretch. Increases core control and flexibility, and challenges the stability in new planes of movement.
    In Corkscrew, the legs are moving into the lateral (side) plane of the body as well as adding a small twist to the spine- ...