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Leg Pull

Hub Video Package • 2m 14s

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  • Spine Twist

    Essence: Keep The Height of the Spine During the Twist- Length and Opposition...Don't Shrink! Turn from the Waist.

    Repetitons: 3-5 each Direction, alternating.

    Breath: Inhale to find Length and Stretch, Each Twist is and Exhale without and inhale in are Wringing out the Lungs!...

  • One Leg Circle

    Essence: Move the leg from the Core

    Repetitions: 5 Circles in same Direction, Then Reverse Direction for 5 Repetitions. Complete on Each leg.

    Breath: Inhale To Initiate Circle, Exhale to Finish the Circle

    Tips: make the circles smaller in order to work deeper from the core and the back ...

  • Shoulder Bridge

    5-8 Repetitions
    The Shoulder Bridge improves pelvic stability by targeting the posterior and anterior spinal stabilizers.
    This exercises deeply stretches the front of the hips while articulating the spine evenly in and out of gravity.
    eliminate the leg lift portion if your hips drop or twist d...